AngioDynamics has launched a redesigned Centros self-centering, chronic hemodialysis access catheter which employs Curved Tip Catheter Technology to provide higher blood flow and lower recirculation.

AngioDynamics said that, when it is placed in the lower portion of the superior vena cava, the Centros Self-Centering Hemodialysis Catheter’s curved tips keep the ports of the catheter centered, away from the vein walls.

Reportedly, this is intended to prevent clots from forming or fibrin sheathing in which a fibrous protein in the blood coats the catheter, eventually closing up the openings and compromising its function. The Centros catheter design features also include an improved, lower-profile fiber cuff to maximise tissue in growth for anchoring and for ease of removal.

Additionally, preliminary study results presented by Stephen Ash, MD of FACP, indicate that the Centros catheter provides acceptable flow rates at modest negative pressure without deterioration in flow rate over seven weeks of use, even with tips positioned in the superior vena cava rather than within the atrium. Flow rate for the Centros catheter at the seven week follow-up point was 40mL/min, compared to the control group of competitive catheters at 348mL/min.

Robert Rossell, senior vice president and general manager of vascular access business unit of AngioDynamics, said: “The Centros catheter meets an important clinical need and with the new design features we believe this catheter will provide physicians and patients with a tool designed for faster procedures requiring fewer interventions and greater overall performance.”