AngioDynamics has launched a new access kit which allows physicians to treat varicose veins using VenaCure EVLT system’s NeverTouch gold-tip laser fiber with fewer procedure steps.

The new .018-inch system for the VenaCure EVLT access kit reduces the number of components involved in gaining access for the procedure and provides a longer .018 inch nitinol long-access wire.

The distal tip on the Tre-Sheath dilator is resized to accept a .018 inch nitinol access wire, eliminating the need for a micro-access sheath, as well as the need to exchange wires during the procedure which reduces an eight-step process to four.

North Shore Vascular surgeon in Chicago John Golan said that they have been performing the VenaCure EVLT procedure for more than eight years in their practice and were one of the first centers to use the NeverTouch fiber.

“During this time, we have noticed a vast improvement in patient comfort. The simplicity and low profile of the new .018-inch system shortens procedural time and further enhances an already great experience for patients and physicians,” Golan said.

AngioDynamics senior vice president and general manager Shawn McCarthy said that one of the advantages physicians get from partnering with AngioDynamics is the exceptional opportunity for clinical success.

“While the VenaCure EVLT system remains the top physician choice in laser vein treatment, improvements like this show our commitment to continuous innovation, we will not rest on our laurels but remain committed to the science and practice of vein management,” McCarthy said.