Analogic has introduced three new BK Medical ultrasound systems including the Pro Focus UltraView 800, the Flex Focus 800, and the Flex Focus 500, a mid-range system.

The each ultrasound system incorporates the Quantum Technology which enhances the image quality, by providing enhancements including improved contrast resolution, as well as new gray scale maps and new image pre-sets, making it easier and quicker to obtain the highest quality images.

The Quantum Technology provides clinicians a faster and easier way to maximize ultrasound performance in urology, surgery, general imaging and anesthesiology.

The new technology also includes a Vector Flow Imaging mode, enabling angle independent visualization of blood flow, and an advanced color Doppler mode, enabling superb spatial resolution.

The UltraView 800 system also has contrast imaging capabilities, and both the UltraView 800 and Flex Focus 800 systems have a HistoScanning ready option.

Analogic global marketing vice president Lars Shaw said the superb imaging performance and dramatic increase in 2D and color Doppler capabilities, coupled with the productivity enhancements built into the new Quantum Technology, are examples of its continuing promise to provide ultrasound systems.