With the SonixGPS, physicians are able to more clearly visualize and predict the needle’s trajectory during invasive procedures in real time, resulting in the ability to select both the needle direction and angle that is safest and most comfortable for their patients.

The SonixGPS ultrasound guidance system uses multiple position sensors, including one embedded in the transducer, to provide unique ultrasound guidance for complex procedures, potentially reducing the learning curve for such procedures including nerve blocks, vascular access, core biopsies and fine needle aspirations.

Analogic’s SonixTouch research systems may be configured for pre-clinical and clinical research using the same imaging platform.

The SonixTouch system features high-frequency imaging and a complete pre-clinical solution. The system is compact, portable and customizable to include a range of new and upcoming technology such as contrast imaging, elastography, plane wave imaging, strain imaging and more.

In addition, Analogic Ultrasound has the flexibility to provide various OEM ultrasound platforms and OEM transducers to meet specific requirements.

The open architecture and software development toolkits make it easy to develop unique user interfaces for new and proprietary medical devices that incorporate ultrasound imaging for groundbreaking applications.

The SonixGPS is available on the SonixTouch and SonixTablet ultrasound systems, which are equipped with a customizable touch screen interface.

Analogic will highlight this new technology as well as showcase its SonixTouch ultrasound research system, OEM transducers and its OEM ultrasound platform at the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) 2014 Annual Convention (Booth 100).