AnalizaDx Solvent Interaction Technology (SIA) technology combined with the Nanosphere Verisens ultra-sensitive PSA assay (research use only) demonstrated positive results for improved prostate cancer diagnosis, according to Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine - Case Medical Center principal investigator Mark Stovsky.

Verisens PSA is an in-vitro diagnostic assay for the high-sensitivity detection and quantification of prostate specific antigen (PSA), developed in collaboration with the International Institute for Nanotechnology at Northwestern University.

SIA is a technology with the potential to discover and screen for structural changes in circulating proteins in serum and other biological fluids.

Nanosphere is collaborating with AnalizaDx, which has developed a proprietary platform to screen for protein biomarkers in serum and other biological fluids, for development of PSA tests for prostate cancer.

The data presented for blood serum showed that at a sensitivity of 100%, the specificity was 76%, with a negative predictive value of 100% (ruling out patients who do not have prostate cancer) and a positive predictive value of 84% (likelihood that a patient ruled in would have cancer based on biopsy).

Thus, the use of the Nanosphere Verisens ultra-sensitive PSA assay achieved sensitivity and specificity required for prostate cancer diagnosis, that is not possible with existing commercial assays.