Amerinet, a national healthcare group purchasing organization (GPO), has added a Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSIs) toolkit to its Amerinet Quality Solutions program.

The components of the CLABSI toolkit includes catheter associated bloodstream infection overview, prevalence and characteristics, policies and prevention practices, documentation forms, educational opportunities, supplies/equipment, quality/performance improvement tools and methods.

Amerinet said that in collaboration with suppliers it had developed valuable and comprehensive resource, which includes information on the prevalence of CLABSIs, prevention strategies, quality performance tools and educational resources, to give members a guide for implementing best practice strategies into their healthcare facilities.

Amerinet executive vice president Randy Walter said that their goal was to build toolkits that would provide their members with everything they need to create quality and patient safety improvements within their healthcare setting.

“We are pleased to add the CLABSIs toolkit as another easily accessible resource that our members can download and customize,” Walter said.