The tibial component is made from a silicon nitride monoblock, which includes one or more upwardly concave articulation surface promoting movable bearing engagement with a convex or condylar-shaped femoral articulation surface and adapts for fixation relative to a patient’s tibial bone.

Amedica CEO, president and director Ben Shappley said that the monoblock silicon nitride technology with a bone-contacting Bioactive surface provides implants with remarkable wear characteristics and extended service life. In the long term, the technology helps surgeons achieve successful outcomes in restoring patient function and allows individuals to return to productive and pain-free lives.

“Improvements in knee prostheses using monoblock silicon nitride with bio-ingrowth technology in the tibial component eliminate conventional polymer-based bearing inserts and the related, undesirable wear debris problems and revisions associated with the older technologies used in current implants,” Shappley said.