The company has developed Valeo cervical fusion devices for use in skeletally mature patients with degenerative disc disease at one disc level or two contiguous levels. These devices will be used with autograft or allograft to facilitate fusion.

Valeo II C interbody fusion device is comprised of micro composite silicon nitride biomaterial, which provides better environment for bone growth and osteointegration.

The new device features directional teeth to withstand expulsion, an anterior thread connection for improved inserter stability, and a14x12mm footprint size for smaller patients.

In addition, the system is semi-radiolucent that offers clear visible boundaries in x-rays and produce no artifacts under MRI or CT scans.

Amedica chairman and CEO Dr Sonny Bal said: "We are very excited to supplement this innovative product line with an additional second generation interbody offering.

"Because of silicon nitride’s unique imaging and osteointegration properties and the improved design, surgeons are able to assess fusion more effectively and earlier in the healing process."

The firm is also involved in developing new generation of wear and corrosion-resistant implant components for hip and knee arthroplasty, as well as dental applications.

Image: Amedica’s new Valeo II C interbody fusion device system. Photo: courtesy of Amedica Corporation.