AMD Lasers, LLC (AMD Lasers) announces the launch of the International Center for Laser Education (ICLE) on November 30, 2009. Established by Alan Miller, the president and chief executive officer of AMD LASERS, ICLE offers laser education to dentists on hard and soft tissue dental laser technology. Laser educator, Dr. Glenn van As, is leading the company as clinical director.

ICLE is a laser company to offer affordable laser education through video, hands on, and in an interactive laser forum.

“Until now, most laser courses have been expensive and not specific enough in content to really assist dentists in understanding the safety, efficacy, and proper use of dental laser technology. The opportunity was there to create training, laser certification, and education that gives doctors the knowledge and skills they need to successfully integrate all types of lasers into today’s modern practice at an affordable price. I believe that education should be cost-effective and available to everyone interested in achieving excellence in dental care,” said Dr. van As,

“Just as AMD LASERS has made cutting-edge laser dentistry a reality for dentists through our highly affordable Picasso soft tissue diode laser, ICLE intends to revolutionize laser dental education through courses of unprecedented quality, accessibility, and affordability,” stated Miller. “I believe the ultimate beneficiary of excellent products and education is the patient and their health is our most important goal.”

AMD LASERS is engaged in providing ultra-affordable laser technology.