Allezoe Medical Holdings (ALZM) has acquired Organ Transport Systems (OTS) from Healthcare of Today in an all stock transaction.

The acquisition of OTS is the first of several planned acquisitions by Allezoe in the medical device development, manufacturing and related services market.

OTS plans to redefine human donor organ procurement through better organ preservation, with its LifeCradle product line.

OTS has developed, patented and is in the process of commercializing a portable hypothermic, oxygenated preservation and transport system for human organs.

The OTS LifeCradle technology has been developed to provide a safe and cost effective method to transport human organs for transplant purposes, and improve upon the surprisingly low percentage of donated organs that are actually utilized in transplantation globally, largely due to the failures of the currently available preservation and transport methods.

The OTS LifeCradle technology has already been shown in pre-clinical studies to increase preservation time and improve the condition of transplanted animal hearts compared with the current systems in use.