Alverix and BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) have entered into an agreement to manufacture instrument assay systems at the point-of-care (POC) to improve infectious disease diagnoses.

Alverix’s devices, when combined with existing diagnostic tests, or with assays currently being developed, enable central laboratory quality results to be realized in any location where rapid test information is critical to patient care.

Alverix CEO Ric Tarbox said that the cost and efficiency of critical diagnoses will be greatly augmented as more diagnostic tests are performed more quickly at the point of care and the technology has the potential to revolutionise medical diagnostics and improve patient care by enabling more sensitive, affordable, immediate and accurate testing for acute and chronic health conditions, in all near- patient settings.

“By working with BD, we are able to help expand the accessibility of existing and new assays and promote the next generation of diagnostics that will be designed for broad use by healthcare professionals and patients,” Tarbox said.

BD Diagnostics Point of Care VP Greg Miziolek said that Alverix’s technology delivers greater sensitivity and accuracy at a greatly reduced cost to traditional bench-top instruments. In line with BD’s purpose of ‘Helping all people live healthy lives,’ the company strives to improve the speed and accuracy of infectious disease diagnosis.

“We seek to introduce faster, more accurate tests that have the potential to enable physicians to initiate appropriate treatment sooner, speed the diagnosis of infectious diseases, and improve patient outcomes,” Miziolek said.