Medical device company ALR Technologies (ALRT) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with healthcare communication firm Aspire Cerebro Advertising to bring ALRT Diabetes Solution to India.


Image: ALR Technologies signs MOU with Aspire Cerebro Advertising to launch ALRTs diabetes solutions in India. Photo: Courtesy of meepoohyaphoto/

The arrangement would connect private healthcare facilities in India with global pharmaceuticals companies and glucose test suppliers through the ALRT Diabetes Solution.

Aspire Cerebro Advertising, with offices in Calgary, Canada will work with its counterpart in India to create a comprehensive marketing plan for ALRT Diabetes Solution.

In India, Aspire Cerebro is one of the largest independent healthcare communications firms having a legacy of more than 16 years in advertising products for various pharmaceutical companies.

ALR Technologies chairman and CEO Sidney Chan said: “Our model enables pharmaceutical companies to provide the ALRT Diabetes Solution to health clinics and simplify delivery of best-practice diabetes care.  This will increase the efficiency of the clinics, and improve health outcomes for patients suffering from diabetes in India.”

Aspire Cerebro mentor and founder Amit Bhagchandani said: “We are excited to launch ALRT in India. They have technology to improve patient outcomes. To bring the best of healthcare solutions to India, ALRT Technologies empowers our mission of inspiring healthier lives.”

Aspire Cerebro CEO Sanjeev Chopra said: “ALRT Diabetes Solution will make a significant difference in lives of diabetes patients. We immediately recognized the value it could bring to patients, HCPs and our clients. We are looking forward to introducing ALRT to Indian markets.”

Source: Company Press Release