The company has designed the Prodigy support catheter for providing back up support to the guidewire when encountering difficult to cross lesions.

According to Radius Medical, the Prodigy support catheter provides an easy, safe solution to stabilize the catheter within the vessel for enhanced guidewire pushability.

The device features an elastomeric balloon which allows for anchoring of the catheter within the vessels. The elastomeric balloon can cover a full range of vessel diameters ranging from 2-6mm and provides protection against damage to the vessel wall, especially in critical cases.

The 5 French catheter system is compatible with all conventional guiding catheters.

Radius Medical president and CEO Maureen Finlayson noted the company is very excited about this new product launch in the US market, and look forward to its launch outside the US into global markets, scheduled for September 2014.

"We will be featuring this new technological advancement in our sales booth at the upcoming CTO/LM Summit and CRT Meetings in February, as well as the Euro CTO Club meeting in September," Finlayson added.