Spanish pharma company Almirall has reached an agreement with the Swedish-based Meda, for a respiratory combination project in the Novolizer device. The project is in research phase and Almirall has purchased Meda’s rights for EUR45m.

Reportedly, in June, Almirall and Meda have entered into a strategic partnership agreement regarding the inhalation products division of Meda that develops the Novolizer, a multidose dry powder inhaler for administration of products to treat respiratory conditions.

Through the partnership agreement, Meda can concentrate on marketing Novolizer products currently on the market, while Almirall takes over and funds continued R&D for pharmaceutical substances, including Almirall’s pipeline products, with the Novolizer system.

The collaboration agreement regulates the way in which future market rights and market initiatives for certain defined development projects are divided between the partners. Through the partnership, Meda achieves considerable profitability gains, while product development can be accelerated.