Alma Lasers, a provider of laser, light, radiofrequency and ultrasound-based aesthetic devices, has unveiled Soprano(XLi) for laser hair removal and deep dermal heating.

The Soprano(XLi) combines intense power, an intuitive interface and IN-Motion technology to deliver fast, virtually painless procedures with safe, reliable, and superior clinical results every time, Alma Lasers said.

The Soprano(XLi) features increased SHR power up to 20J/cm(2), improved operator ergonomics, convenient pre-programmed settings for all male and female face and body parts and a large 12″ full color touch screen monitor with new interactive software and the features create a sophisticated device that is extremely easy to use.

Alma Lasers said that the diode module has an extra-large 12×10 mm footprint and (up to) 10Hz repetition rate.

The Soprano(XLi) uses a 810nm diode laser low fluence, high repetition rate delivers energy safely and gently to heat the dermis and hair follicles.

Alma Lasers president and CEO Ziv Karni said that the Soprano(XLi) not only delivers highly effective, virtually painless procedures for patients, but it also delivers tangible business value to the practice.

“There are no consumables, disposables or replacement parts required, which lowers cost of ownership, plus the rapid treatment delivery enables higher throughput, allowing doctors to treat more patients and grow their practice,” Karni said.