Allpro Imaging, a provider of digital imaging systems, has introduced the ScanX Quantum, the compact and versatile system used for all human dental and medical radiography applications.

The ScanX Quantum is a lightweight (43 lbs) system, which can be wall-mounted to save space and also helps in recurring costs of film, chemistry, darkrooms or processor maintenance.

Allpro said that the ScanX Quantum is a computed radiography system utilising durable, flexible phosphor storage plates (PSPs) coated with photostimulable material which stores a latent image scanned by the system upon exposure.

Allpro said that the ScanX Quantum is more economical than cassette based imaging systems and with the dental imaging capability.

The ScanX Quantum operates in normal room lighting and its compact design features a high-strength, extruded aluminum exterior. Sturdy, rubberized feet add stability.

With the ScanX Quantum the user can easily enhance details on a computer and images can be enlarged, magnified, inverted and sharpened unlike traditional film.

Allpro Imaging national sales manager Jeff Good said that the ScanX Quantum is a one of a kind digital imaging product that will allow the user to take digital dental images, as well as typical medical views up to 14×17 inches, with the same unit, making this system very suitable for Community Health Centers that offer both dental and medical services.