AlloSource, a provider of skin, bone and soft tissue allografts for surgical procedures and the largest processor of cellular bone allografts, has launched its new allograft called AlloMend Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM).

The new allograft derived from donated human skin can be used in a broad range of soft tissue surgical procedures including ventral hernia repair and post-mastectomy reconstruction.

AlloMend ADM is created through a proprietary process in which viable dermal cells are removed to minimize their ability to trigger the immune system response from donated human skin, leaving a collagen elastin matrix.

The recipient’s own cells can infiltrate and repopulate this 3D scaffold to begin the revascularization and remodeling process once the transplantation is completed.

AlloSource president and CEO Thomas Cycyota noted the company is dedicated to finding new ways to maximize the gift of life from generous tissue donors and courageous donor families.

"AlloMend is the latest allograft in a history of progressive innovations from AlloSource, and we look forward to it bringing the benefits of regenerative medicine to more patients in need," Cycyota added.

AlloMend ADM is processed with an exclusive tissue cleansing process without the use of detergents or enzymes. Therefore, no harmful residuals are left in the tissue.

Additionally, AlloMend offers maximum assurance in surgical tissue repair surgeries because of its exceptional tensile strength, flexibility and pliability.