In the comparative in-vitro permeation study, the Alliqua patch demonstrated mean cumulative drug permeation that was competitive with the market leading product for the treatment of pain associated with post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN) or shingles, a rising medical problem in the US and around the world as countries continue to struggle with increasingly elderly populations.

In the in-vitro permeation study, multiple formulations were evaluated, with some achieving mean cumulative drug permeation amounts much higher than the market leading product, indicating the potential for an improvement over the existing product.

Alliqua believes that based on the positive results, it will proceed to the next stage of its developmental program.

Alliqua president and director Richard Rosenblum said the continued success of their developmental efforts further validates their delivery platform and their belief in the ultimate success in their specialized transdermal pain patch.

"Utilizing our proprietary hydrogel technology and our existing facilities, we believe Alliqua can become a high quality, low cost producer of this next generation transdermal pain patch, with the possibility for significant market share," Rosenblum said.