The new AliveECG App comprises an enhanced filter, a noise cancelling technology that improves the visual output of the ECG.

The enhanced filter improves visual quality and enables efficient interpretation by reducing noise commonly caused by the environment or by muscular vibrations that can result in non-readable or difficult to read rhythm strips.

From the physician and patient perspective, the ability to clearly delineate between normal sinus rhythm and arrhythmia is of paramount importance for proper treatment and management.

AliveCor CEO and president Euan Thomson said the company’s vision is to provide medical professionals and patients with cost effective quality solutions that deliver superior clinical utility.

"We have a robust product pipeline and plan to introduce new features, products, and services on a regular basis to further our vision," Thomson added.

Additionally, the new AliveECG App also includes an advanced menu that enables easy navigation.

By helping monitor activities and symptoms, it provides greater context in which to interpret the ECG recording and assists in the identification of arrhythmia triggers.