Swiss eye care company, Alcon has begun treating patients in a phase-II clinical trial of NovaBay’s patented lead Aganocide compound, NVC-422, for viral conjunctivitis, a type of ‘pink eye’.

The phase-II study follows a recently completed phase-I trial, in which safety and tolerability were demonstrated in 120 healthy volunteers with no reported serious adverse events.

Ron Najafi, Chairman and CEO of NovaBay, said: We are pleased to be entering mid-stage clinical testing for viral conjunctivitis. This is the first step in the ophthalmic clinical development program for NVC-422, which has the immediate goal of developing the first effective product to address viral conjunctivitis for which there are limited treatment options.

Sabri Markabi, Senior Vice President of R&D and Chief Medical Officer, Alcon said: This study is an important step forward with the clinical program for this potentially dual-acting therapy to address the multiple causes of conjunctivitis. Dual action against viral and bacterial conjunctivitis is important because when an infection is diagnosed it is difficult, time-consuming and expensive to determine the underlying cause of the infection and treat it properly.