Denver-based Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS), a provider of the Continuous Alcohol Monitoring technology, has filed a suit in Colorado's Federal District Court asserting that Boulder-based BI Incorporated, a pending acquisition of the GEO, has infringed multiple patents with their BI TAD (Transdermal Alcohol Detection) system.

AMS Chairman and CEO Mike Iiams said his company made the decision to file the suit after multiple attempts to work with BI executives and resolve the infringement issues.

AMS manufactures worn on the ankle 24/7 SCRAMx (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) System, originally launched to the corrections market in 2003 July.

The system samples a subject’s perspiration to transdermally monitor alcohol consumption.

AMS holds a number of patents that cover the essential technology that BI Incorporated now improperly uses in its BI TAD.