MetaVision was chosen to standardize and improve data collection, to track performance measures, and to report on anesthesia quality and compliance indicators.

The MetaVision Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) will be installed in 12 anesthetic locations, which generates a complete, accurate, billable anesthesia record including accurate tracking of events, medications, and procedures.

MetaVision’s rule-based decision support tools will enhance the hospital’s ability to react prospectively to deteriorations in patient condition and deviations from protocol, to promote the delivery of best practices, and to ensure that quality and regulatory requirements are met.

iMDsoft’s web-based communication platform, myMV, will be used to streamline pre-operative data collection and evaluation from the surgeon’s offices via internet-based forms.

iMDsoft’s myMV facilitates secure data collection prior to the day of surgery at remote sites like the surgeon’s office via web-based forms.

The patient data is collected from hospital information systems, including anesthetic history, labs, allergies, current medications and data from previous surgeries. myMV facilitates delivery of a complete data set to the hospital, eliminating duplicate patient interviews.