Akonni Biosystems, a molecular diagnostics company focused on providing scalable solutions for infectious and genetic disease testing, has launched a TruTip kit for extraction of human genomic DNA from fresh or frozen whole blood.

The patented TruTip approach uses a nucleic acid binding matrix that easily inserts into either a Rainin EDP 3-Plus pipette (best for extraction of a few samples) or with an Eppendorf epMotion system for extraction workflows that require a higher level of throughput.

Akonni said the TruTip technology can be adapted to work with most other standard electronic pipettes and automated liquid handling systems.

TruTip delivers inhibitor-free, PCR-ready, human genomic DNA from both saliva and whole blood, faster and more efficiently, Akonni said.

TruTip approach for extraction of human genomic DNA from blood is five times faster than spin columns when automated and doesn’t require centrifugation, vacuum manifolds, or magnets.

The samples from 50µl to 400µl can easily be extracted in just minutes allowing molecular biologists and clinical labs to achieve results equivalent to ‘gold-standard’ methods, in a fraction of the time.

TruTip kits are also in development for extraction of a variety of other nucleic acid targets from a range of clinical samples, such as sputum, nasal wash, urine, stool or CSF, where faster purification methods are being required by accelerating infectious disease testing to prevent bottlenecks.