AirXpanders and Radformation have signed a co-marketing agreement to introduce Radformation's EZFluence software to Radiation Oncology departments that are treating AeroForm patients in the US.

8Apr - MD2

Image: Radiologist studying the radiologic image. Photo: Courtesy of rawpixel from Pixabay.

AirXpanders is a medical device company focused on design, manufacture, sale and distribution of the AeroForm tissue expander system, and Radformation is a provider of intelligent automation software in cancer care, including breast and breast reconstruction radiation therapy treatment planning.

Under the co-marketing agreement, AirXpanders sales personnel would introduce the EZFluence software to radiation oncology departments treating patients with the AeroForm Tissue Expander System.

The collaboration is expected to improve acceptance of the AeroForm Expander by improving the workflow required to develop radiation treatment plans.

AirXpanders research and development VP Mark Payne said: “We have been very impressed with the EZfluence software. The intelligent automation this software provides for opposed tangent fields, using both field-in-field and E-comp techniques, is impressive in its thoroughness and ability to effectively develop a radiation treatment plan in minutes from a patient CT scan.

“The plans developed by this software exhibit significantly improved homogeneity compared to conventionally-determined iterative plans.

“We expect radiation oncology departments will appreciate the dramatic reduction in the time needed to develop a treatment plan for patients with an AeroForm, and an overall increase in their productivity for all their breast radiation treatment plans.”

Radformation’s EZFluence has been approved by the US FDA and available in the US since 2017 and its introduction is expected to benefit radiation oncology departments from the intelligent automation of radiation therapy treatment planning for breast reconstruction patients.

Pursuant to the agreement, both the companies are planning to collaborate on demonstrating at key Radiation Oncology and Medical Physics society meetings throughout 2019.

Radformation medical physicist and chief business officer Elisabeth van Wie said: “Radformation is excited to work with a company that empowers patients and values their interests.

“AirXpanders’ goal is to make the patient more comfortable during a difficult time in their lives while maintaining quality treatment.  We support this goal and look forward to working with clinics on generating optimal radiation treatment plans for patients.”