Agion Technologies, a provider of customized, natural, antimicrobial solutions based on ionized silver to the healthcare market, has launched MedMAP (Medical Device Market Acceleration Program), providing medical device manufacturers a service designed to accelerate the development and regulatory clearance of 510(k) and CE devices featuring Agion antimicrobial protection.

With MedMAP, Agion combines the expertise of the manufacturer’s development team with the expertise of the Agion team of materials scientists, microbiologists, and regulatory experts. Agion Technologies has claimed that MedMap moves products from concept to development, through regulatory approvals to commercialization.

Paul Ford, CEO, Agion, said: “Agion created MedMAP to deliver on a true partnership business model. Agion has a long history of partnering with manufacturers to develop, successfully file and gain global approvals for medical devices featuring our silver ion technology. Our expertise and knowledge can greatly accelerate the process for our partners.”