Agfa HealthCare’s Impax for Breast Imaging is available with Impax 6.5, next version of its PACS solution. Employing newly designed Workstation Accelerator technology, Impax 6.5 will combine workflow and location recognition to provide optimum performance.

Impax for Breast Imaging extends Agfa HealthCare’s PACS solution into Breast Imaging with new features. It implements the IHE Mammography Image profile, which solves image display problems typically encountered in mixed vendor environments (orientation, size, justification, consistency of grayscale contrast, completeness of annotations).

Agfa Healthare has also introduced the ‘1:1 Navigator’ which allows for a fast review of mammography images at full resolution, minimising the viewing of blank detector space and adapting the number of cells necessary for viewing the entire breast. The solution also supports Agfa HealthCare’s Musica MCE (Micro Calcification Enhancement) technology, specifically designed for the enhancement of potential microcalcifications.

Impax for Breast Imaging automatically routes relevant data (including Breast US, full field digital mammography, and Breast MR) based on a variety of user-definable criteria. Relevant prior exams are automatically pre-fetched from the archive management system and sent to the diagnostic review station. When available, radiology results from the Radiology Information Systems (RIS) can also be displayed. The solution is provided with a specially developed keypad to improve the overall workflow speed.

Volker Wetekam, vice president of IT at Agfa HealthCare, said: “The launch of Impax for Breast Imaging at ECR is a next step in our ambition to deliver a complete portfolio of diagnostic imaging IT solutions to the market. We offer Impax for significant number of specialties, from Orthopaedics to Cardiology, and the introduction of Impax for Breast Imaging will only re-enforce this offering, and our ambitions.

“The solution combines all of Agfa HealthCare’s knowledge and best of breed solutions in a system that promises to deliver new levels of service to our customers.”