Unilabs’ clinical diagnostic service laboratories are offering Colox as a service in Switzerland. Additional countries within Unilabs’ network of laboratories are planned to follow in 2014.

Diagnoplex’s Colox is a minimally invasive blood test developed for the systematic screening of colorectal cancer. The test can detect colorectal cancer through all stages of disease, with a particular focus on early stages, where the prognosis is optimal.

The test leverages the information from nucleic acids carried by peripheral blood mononuclear cells. It is based on quantifying a 29 biomarker molecular signature using quantitative RT-PCR. Effectiveness of Colox was confirmed in a series of prospective clinical studies.

Unilabs managing director in Switzerland Alain Cahen noted it is a great success to announce that Colox is now produced by the company.

"We have prepared a distribution strategy and a communication campaign that will reach doctors as of March. This campaign will include information regarding the logistics and availability of Colox in the different regions of Switzerland, including explanatory brochures for the doctors and for the individuals at risk," Cahen added.