As per the agreement, Sanofi-aventis will commercialize through its global diabetes division such integrated solutions for patients with diabetes, along with current sanofi-aventis insulins and delivery devices.

Sanofi-aventis’ insulin and device portfolio include Lantus and Apidra plus its easy-to-use delivery pens SoloSTAR and ClikSTAR.

AgaMatrix’s WaveSense technology personalizes each test to provide accuracy by employing a new detection method called dynamic electrochemistry to detect and correct for errors caused by differences in blood samples, manufacturing variations and environmental conditions.

Eric Petreto, vice president of device strategy of the global diabetes division at sanofi-aventis, said: “In building our Global Diabetes Division, our objectives included conducting an exhaustive search for potential partners that have excellent core science, are highly innovative, and have the potential to develop a broad range of products. With AgaMatrix, we’ve found a company that can meet all three objectives in the BGM category.”

Sonny Vu and Sridhar Iyengar, co-founders of AgaMatrix, said: “Our unwavering message to patients, health care professionals and industry leaders has been that people with diabetes need more accurate BGMs and that our WaveSense technology delivers high accuracy, so naturally we are thrilled to find a partner that shares these beliefs.

“With sanofi-aventis’ global presence and sterling reputation, we believe this partnership will enable us to finally fulfill our original vision of making high accuracy blood glucose testing easily available to patients worldwide.”