Affymetrix has made a new gene expression microarray available for use on the GeneAtlas Personal Microarray System.

The new array strip format for the GeneChip Human Genome (HG)-U133 Array combined with the easy workflow of the GeneAtlas System allows in-house whole-genome expression analysis.

The new HG-U133+ PM Array Strip leverages the knowledge accumulated from multiple sources, including UniGene, RefSeq, the National Center for Biotechnology information (NCBI) and GenBank.

Using more than 500,000 probes for independent measurements of gene expression per sample and as many as 9 to 11 unique probes to interrogate every mRNA transcript, the HG-U133+ PM Array Strip delivers a high level of sequence coverage and data confidence.

The GeneAtlas System’s data analysis solution automatically translates the new array strip’s differential expression data into relevant results.

It also mines through thousands of research papers that reference the HG-U133 Array design for findings that are significant to a gene or gene-network of interest.

Furthermore, since Affymetrix routinely updates sequence files every six months for all of its arrays, researchers are assured access to the most relevant whole-genome information and the highest sequence coverage available.