The Hydrolift VBR is indicated for use in the thoracolumbar spine, T1 to L5, for partial or total replacement of a collapsed, damaged or unstable vertebral body due to tumor or trauma.

Pressure is applied to the endplates via a digital read out in Bar and PSI and its design allows for in-situ angulation of +/- 10 degrees to match the patient’s anatomic need.

The endplates shape provides a proper balance of load transfer in the vertebral body’s region of high bone density, while optimizing area for bone growth.

Spikes provide immediate stability and the Plasmapore coating accentuates long term fixation.

The Hydrolift VBR system is intended for use with supplemental spinal fixation systems such as the Aesculap S4, S4 Element, and MACS TL systems.

The Aesculap Hydrolift VBR System may be used with bone graft.

The system is designed to provide anterior spinal column support even in the absence of fusion for a prolonged period.