Aerotel Medical Systems' GeoSkeeper has received the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Industry Canada (IC) certifications.

The GeoSkeeper is a location-based personal alert system, which is designed to provide peace of mind for elderly, chronically ill, children or lone workers, relatives and caregivers.

The GPS system is fitted with a distress button and integrated active GPS system, which can activate a warning signal when needed, thus providing an accurate location tracking and also send an assistance request to caregivers.

Aerotel Medical Systems president and CEO David Rubin said adding GeoSkeeper to the company’s family of products will enable them to further expand its presence in the North American market for the benefit of both patients and healthcare providers.

In the North America, Aerotel has also provided telemedicine solutions including personal handheld electrocardiogram (ECG) systems, homecare data hubs, and telemedicine remote monitoring software solutions.