Aeris Therapeutics, a medical therapeutics company, has received US Patent 7,819,908, entitled 'Compositions and Methods for Reducing Lung Volume,' which includes broad claims related to the application of energy via a catheter as a method for non-surgical lung volume reduction.

The patent enhances Aeris Therapeutics’ intellectual property portfolio in the area of methods of treating emphysema.

AeriSeal System is designed to non-surgically reduce lung volume in order to improve lung function and quality of life in patients with advanced emphysema.

Aeris said that with AeriSeal System therapy, a physician uses a bronchoscope to direct treatment to the most damaged areas of the patient’s lungs, which delivers a proprietary Foam Sealant that seals and collapses the treatment area, thereby reducing lung volume.

Aeris Therapeutics recently began commercialisation of its product, the AeriSeal System, in Europe.