Vance Street Capital portfolio company A&E Medical has acquired Netherlands-based Medical Concepts Europe (MCE).

MCE produces bi-polar, quad-polar and mono-polar temporary pacing wires, as well as single-use patient extension cables for cardio-thoracic surgeries.

The company’s products are used in multiple cardiovascular hospitals across the Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

In February this year, Vance Street Capital acquired A&E Medical, which designs and produces DoubleWire high strength sternum closure system

Based in Farmingdale of New Jersey, the company also produces a range of MYO/Wire temporary cardiac pacing wires and extension leads, MYO/Wire II stainless steel sutures, MYO/Punch surgical punches, electrosurgical instruments and neurosurgical scalp clips.

Vance Street Capital partner Brian Martin said: “MCE is a strong strategic fit with A&E Medical and will enable the combined businesses to provide an even broader portfolio of single-use medical products to the world’s leading cardiovascular hospitals.”

A&E Medical president Eric Sklar said: “We are excited to partner with the MCE management team to build on the world-class platform they have created to better serve the combined company’s customers.

“We believe our customers will benefit from the addition of MCE’s bi-polar and quad-polar pacing wires and are excited about the opportunity to provide MCE’s customers with A&E Medical’s industry leading DoubleWire sternum closure systems.”

Based in Los Angeles, Vance Street Capital is a private equity firm that invests in middle-market businesses such as medical, aerospace, defense and industrial sectors.