Advanced Biological Laboratories (ABL) has received CE mark approval for its DeepChek and ViroScore Suite clinical genotyping solutions.

The approval is based on several evaluations of the company’s next generation sequencing (NGS) downstream analysis software, DeepChek-HIV, performed by renowned clinical and virological research centres and the positive results from several international scientific studies.

Advanced Biological Laboratories CEO Chalom Sayada said scientific experts are recognising the company’s IT solutions dedicated to HIV clinical genotyping analysis, namely Sanger sequencing within ViroScore Suite system and NGS within DeepChek system.

"The CE-IVD approval is in compliance with the latest European directives for medical devices, and positions DeepChek and ViroScore Suite as the first IT solutions choices to analyse comprehensive and complex data, thereby pioneering optimised personalised for the treatment of HIV," Sayada added.

"It’s also a monumental milestone in our portfolio of medical IT solutions, wherein other growing IVD-segments, such as viral hepatitis, oncology and other chronic diseases, are also being targeted by ABL."