Acerde has also announced its achievement of a number of industrial development milestones and the preparation of the company’s next generation of highly innovative rotating anodes (which are now composite-based rather than graphite-based).

Acerde president Herve Poirel noted the company is very excited about this agreement with a China-based medical imaging giant that underpins our recent developments and confirms the quality of its rotating anodes for X-ray tubes.

"Acerde has achieved a key milestone, and this will bring us greater international recognition and exposure. China is seeking to develop its own technology by leveraging the best-performing, most innovative solutions on the market. This contract definitely reinforces our position in China," Poirel added.

Tests performed in collaboration with all the major players in the global medical imaging market have proved very successful. Multinationals will now be able to test a larger number of rotating anodes under real-life conditions, given that an anode’s lifespan is about 3-4 months. Now that Acerde’s completed production line is capable of producing 150 anodes per month, the company will be able to test its products on a larger scale.

The lengthy, costly marketing phase has nevertheless resulted in the signature of 10-year contracts

After accelerated testing throughout 2013 (a standard accelerated test normally takes two months and simulates 18 months of real-life use), major medical imaging companies are now testing Acerde’s anodes in situ. Although the marketing phase has proved to be very long, once the customer is convinced, he signs up for ten years.