AccuVein has reported its first international sale of AccuVein AV300 to The Doctors Laboratory (TDL), bringing AV300, the first hand-held, non-contact vein illumination device to the UK.

The AccuVein AV300 helps healthcare professionals locate veins for blood draw (venipuncture) by projecting a pattern of light on a patient’s skin that reveals vein position.

AccuVein is shipping the units from the US and will provide on-site training and support by its international sales team.

Gill Swain-Coad, group service manager of The Doctors Laboratory, said: Our phlebotomists had positive experiences in initial testing of the device on a variety of patient types which influenced our decision to purchase multiple AccuVein AV300 units for use in our facility. We see this device as an essential component in improving the patient experience – reducing the time to access veins and increasing first attempt success rates. We’re excited to incorporate the AV300 into our daily practice with every patient.

AccuVein has received several certifications on the AccuVein AV300 design and quality management processes, including a CE Mark and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 13485 Certification, enabling the company to commence European sales of the AV300.