Accuray Incorporated, a radiation oncology company, has launched VoLO technology for the TomoTherapy System, to meet its commitment to advancing radiation oncology.

TomoTherapy is a new treatment planning system that helps in developing even the most complex radiation plans by leveraging graphics processing technology and a new calculation algorithm.

The new VoLO solution features high-speed parallel processing for both dose calculation and optimization, based on Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) technology, and uses Non-Voxel Broad Beam (NVBB) calculation algorithm.

NVBB algorithm leverages the GPU’s speed and the TomoTherapy Systems beamlet radiation delivery system to develop dose distributions from the perspective of each beamlet, as they pass through the patient’s body.

Using VoLO technology clinicians will be able to create personalized treatment plans with flexibility, increasing the efficiency of the radiation oncology staff, said the company.

Accuray president and CEO Euan S. Thomson said with VoLO, clinicians are able to create optimal patient treatment plans more efficiently, a development that will further improve patient care and allow for more patients to benefit from TomoTherapy treatments.

"The introduction of this advanced treatment planning technology delivers on our promise to continually enhance performance of the TomoTherapy System while strengthening our position as a leader in radiation oncology innovation," Thomson said.