The CyberKnife and the TomoTherapy systems give clinicians in China the most flexible treatment options to use in their pursuit of individualized, optimal treatment outcomes.

Accuray is also working to strengthen its partnerships with the government and distributors to offer more patients the opportunity to benefit from its effective, personalized treatments options.

The TomoTherapy system is the only radiation therapy system designed specifically for image-guided, intensity-modulated radiation therapy.

Its unique helical design enables it to treat a broader range of tumors, providing more radiation therapy options for patients.

Accuray Asia Pacific president Dr Roger Cao noted the company’s factory in Chengdu produces the TomoTherapy system’s linear accelerators (linacs) for the global market.

"Accuray continues to invest in this factory with new machinery, and is continuing to further our commitment to quality, evidenced by the factory’s ISO 9001 accreditation," Dr Cao added.

Accuray’s CyberKnife system is designed for treating and tracking moving targets with extreme precision and accuracy.

It is claimed to be to the first robotic radiosurgery system capable of delivering high-dose radiation therapy with sub-millimeter precision to any tumor, even those considered inoperable.

Accuray demonstrated both the systems at 22nd China International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition and Seminar (CHINA-HOSPEQ), August 16-18, 2013.