Access Scientific has partnered with Teleflex to introduce the new PICC Wand, which enables clinicians to insert a peelable sheath for PICC or midline catheter placement using the new Accelerated Seldinger Technique (AST).

The PICC Wand is an all-in-one safety introducer that addresses the over-wire vascular access market, valued at more than $1bn, by providing vascular access.

The PICC Wand combines all components of the older, Modified Seldinger Technique (MST) the needle, guidewire, dilator and sheath into one device that also protects against accidental needlesticks and its Fast-Flash feature provides early detection of vessel entry.

Access Scientific president Bill Bold said that they are very pleased to be working with Teleflex in launching this new standard of care in vascular access and Teleflex is the perfect partner for reaching clinicians with this exciting new technology, because of the company’s long tradition of emphasizing quality and safety.

Teleflex North America executive vice president Cary Vance said that the PICC Wand provides significant benefits to both patients and caregivers, and is an outstanding addition to our vascular access product portfolio.