Access Scientific Inc (ASI) has received CE mark for the POWERWAND, a power-injectable, extended-dwell catheter, designed to protect both patients and healthcare workers.

The WAND’s proprietary technology is designed to make over-wire vascular access faster, safer and simpler.

The company plans initial outside-US distribution of the device in Britain, Australia and South Africa.

The POWERWAND, which is placed using the Accelerated Seldinger Technique, promises to improve the inpatient experience while increasing healthcare worker safety.

Access Scientific CEO Steve Bierman said with the clearance they can now begin distribution of the vascular access device outside the US.

"Vascular access specialists have a keen interest in the Powerwand, because they recognize patients’ need for an extended dwell catheter that allows for medication/ fluid delivery and also permits diagnostic phlebotomy, all through a single non-central line," Bierman said.