American Bio Medica Corporation (ABMC) announced that they have completed the research and development of a new rapid urine drug test that will detect compounds found in synthetic marijuana; commonly known as “K2”or “Spice”.

The new test will detect JWH-018 and JWH-073, two of the most common compounds found in synthetic marijuana products.

The test will also indicate positive or negative results for 16 additional cross-reacting compounds at certain cut-off levels. JWH-073 can be detected as low as 25 ng/ml, the lowest detection level available on the market today.

ABMC’s Chief Executive Officer Melissa A. Waterhouse stated, "This test for K2 will compliment our existing product lines; it is fast, easy to use, cost effective and it will provide our customers with the level of quality they are used to getting with ABMC products. We have no doubt it will be the most effective rapid K2 detection tool on the market."

The K2 test will be marketed in the United States for forensic use only. The Company is accepting pre-orders, and the test will be available for shipment to ABMC customers in early 2016.

American Bio Medica Corporation manufactures and markets accurate, cost-effective immunoassay test kits, primarily point of collection tests for drugs of abuse. The Company and its worldwide distribution network target the workplace, government, corrections, clinical and educational markets.