Pioneering imaging center realizes significant savings with new platform


Abercrombie Radiology implements eRAD RIS Solution. (Credit: Häggström.)

eRAD has announced that Abercrombie Radiology in Knoxville has deployed eRAD’s Patient Portal, Mammography Tracking module, communications platform (called RADAR), and Radiology Information System (RIS). eRAD, a subsidiary of RadNet, is a leading provider of standards-based, web-centric radiology image and data management solutions.

Abercrombie Radiology was established in 1925 and has continually delivered the latest breakthroughs in imaging to patients in east Tennessee. As part of that commitment to high-quality care, Abercrombie has chosen to replace its legacy RIS and streamline its clinical workflow. “We read for a large hospital system and other medical groups,” said Jorja Clark, Abercrombie’s Director of Clinical Operations. “We completed a thorough analysis of cost, feature sets, and service offerings among different vendors, and eRAD is the best solution for our requirements.”

eRAD’s Mammography Tracking module is one example of a significant efficiency enhancement to Abercrombie. The practice can now stipulate its own reminder intervals and automatically generate letters to patients that correspond with tissue density and BI-RADS coding (the scoring system that categorizes mammogram results). “eRAD enables us to eliminate a majority of the manual processes,” said Clark. “The workflow is faster and significantly more automated.”

RADAR, eRAD’s secure communications platform, enables the Abercrombie team to send HIPAA-compliant instant messages to physicians for faster collaboration. “We are also using RADAR for patient reminders, a feature that was absent in our legacy system,” Clark said. “Best of all, all these features are integrated into a single platform.”

COVID presented a unique challenge for deployment—one that showcased eRAD’s flexibility. “The pandemic created unique challenges and a tightened time-line for deployment,” Clark explained. “The eRAD implementation team quickly assembled everything we needed, including safe on-site training that was a key requirement for our staff.”

“It is a pleasure to work with a radiology practice that is so organized in its approach,” said Dave Cunningham, VP of Sales for eRAD. “Abercrombie knew what it wanted, and the group was very thorough and professional in its requirements. Abercrombie visited with a local group already using eRAD to see the system in action. The visit provided clarity around system requirements and furthered the collaboration between Abercrombie’s radiologists and our implementation team. We are delighted to partner with such a successful provider.”

Source: Company Press Release