The stent has been developed to treat coronary artery disease, which affects around 15 million people in the US.

It is made by using naturally dissolving material and disappears completely in around three years, after the completion of its task.

The stent showed comparable short-term and mid-term outcomes to the Abbott’s Xience metallic stent in clinical studies conducted across the globe.

Currently, the bioresorbable stent is commercially available as the Absorb GT1 bioresorbable vascular scaffold (BVS) system in around 100 countries, including the US.

The company intends to offer the Absorb stent to the US hospitals, beginning with interventional cardiology centers that involved in the device’s clinical trials.

Abbott vascular senior vice president Dr Deepak Nath said: "Abbott’s goal is to help people everywhere live better, fuller and healthier lives.

"The Absorb bioresorbable stent treats coronary artery disease without committing people to a permanent metal implant — giving them peace of mind and helping them get back to their daily lives without the concern of having a permanent metallic implant."

Image: Abbott’s Absorb fully dissolving heart stent. Photo: courtesy of Abbott.