Healthcare firm Abbott has secured CE mark approval for its new handheld blood testing platform, i-STAT Alinity System.

The system can be used to carry out and analyze the largest menu of blood tests on a single device, ranging from blood chemistries to cardiac markers by using only two to three drops of a person's blood.

With a capacity to deliver results in two to 10 minutes, the system includes advanced connectivity features that enable to carry out testing virtually anywhere.

The patented features of the platform include expansive testing menu capabilities to allow the most combinations of tests in a single cartridge.

It can also be used with the new types of tests in the future, including tests for brain injury, infectious disease and oncology

The system’s advanced wireless or hard-wired connectivity features will help healthcare providers to manage diagnostic data and oversight with the broader healthcare system's network.

 In addition, cloud connectivity with standard web browser enables health systems to customize multiple i-STAT Alinity instruments and provide seamless transmission of quality control data.

Abbott point of care diagnostics vice president Sharon Bracken said: “As a global leader in point of care testing, Abbott's i-STAT Alinity builds on our rich diagnostics heritage to help healthcare providers deliver care when and where it's needed.

"Whether in emergency departments, critical care settings or rural areas, i-STAT Alinity allows clinicians to make timely and informed treatment decisions that help people get back to better health."

Abbott point of care diagnostics research and development divisional vice ‎ president Matt Bates said: "We spent countless hours doing on-the-ground research with doctors, nurses, lab directors, point of care coordinators and other customers from around the world.”

Image: Abbott’s i-STAT Alinity handheld blood testing system. Photo: courtesy of Abbott.