Abbott has introduced PLEX-ID Biothreat Assay, which is designed to detect and distinguish 17 different biothreat pathogens.

The assay enables rapid and accurate detection of microorganisms that could pose serious threats to human health, food, water and other resources.

The PLEX-ID Biothreat Assay permits analysis of direct specimens, such as blood, water, food and air filter samples, and provides results in less than eight hours.

Seventeen different bioagents are targeted in the new test, including Bacillus anthracis, E coli, salmonella, ebola virus, and avian influenza viruses.

PLEX-ID offers the capability to detect and identify these, and other, bacterial and viral biothreat agents while also differentiating similar organisms.

The PLEX-ID system can perform identification and typing of expected and unknown microorganisms from direct specimens, which saves time while providing critical information without the need to grow the agent in culture first.