3M Health Care has introduced a full line of new Tegaderm High Performance Foam Adhesive Dressings for clinical and laboratory tests to manage the full range of low- to high-moisture conditions that can be present in chronic and acute wounds.

Reportedly, in 2009, 3M had conducted a global, independent survey of more than 300 wound care professionals who were using a variety of foam adhesive dressing brands.

The survey concluded that clinicians’ needs were not being met in the areas of ‘absorbency’, ‘length of wear time’ and ‘prevention of maceration.’

Based on the insight, 3M modified its existing foam adhesive dressings to improve the fluid management properties to be less evaporative under low moisture conditions, which helps prevent wounds from drying out, yet have high evaporation when there is excess moisture, helping to prevent maceration.

3M said that the new technology was validated in laboratory bench tests and clinical studies on human subjects comparing Tegaderm high performance foam adhesive dressings with foam adhesive dressings from five other leading manufacturers. Results demonstrated that the 3M dressings managed greater amount of fluid before failure and longer wear time.

Paul Keel, president of skin and wound care division at 3M, said: “Drawing upon direct input from clinicians and leveraging 3M’s core technologies in adhesives and thin films, 3M scientists created a full line of foam adhesive dressings that offer higher fluid handling capacity and longer wear times as compared to other leading brands, offering a reduced risk of maceration and potential for greater cost savings.”