3M Digital Oral Care has unveiled its redesigned 3M True Definition Scanner that features a new wand designed to fit in the hand like a traditional dental handpiece.


It has a narrow, angled tip and a slim profile while it can be ergonomically balanced to allow for one-handed scanning.

The new 3M True Definition Scanner system was built for fast scanning – once the field is prepared, an adept user can scan a diagnostic arch in just one minute.

The company claims that the small profile and fast scan time make scanning with the redesigned 3M True Definition Scanner system more comfortable for dentists, orthodontists, their staff and patients.

3M Digital Oral Care vice president and general manager David Frazee said: "The digital world continues to move incredibly fast, and to keep pace with these trends, we continuously draw on the 3M innovation engine to bring fresh ideas to the table.

"Not only is this wand the smallest on the market, but it’s designed to be incredibly intuitive, comfortable to hold and fast and easy to use."

The company will launch 3M True Definition Scanner this fall in tandem with 3M True Definition Scanner Software 5.0 which supports faster, easier scanning with the same superior accuracy.

Image: The redesigned 3M True Definition Scanner system includes the smallest wand on the market. Photo: Courtesy of Business Wire