3M, a provider of auscultation technology, has acquired certain assets of Zargis Medical, a maker of the FDA-approved diagnostic software to classify suspected systolic and diastolic heart murmurs.

The transaction builds on the existing global marketing and distribution alliance between 3M and Zargis Medical, allowing new healthcare practices for auscultation, which refers to listening to internal sounds of the body with a stethoscope.

Included in the transaction are the TeleSteth online auscultation software, STETHASSIST software, and heart sound analysis software (Zargis Cardioscan) products developed by Zargis Medical.

TeleSteth, a tele-auscultation software product, provides a cloud server-based system allowing live, virtual auscultation in a simple, flexible manner using internet connectivity.

TeleSteth also can be used in conjunction with StethAssist, which adds recording capability and visualization using a phonocardiogram.

3M said these additions to LITTMANN Scope to Scope product line will offer flexibility to healthcare providers.

Zargis is majority-owned by Speedus and, both 3M and Siemens Corporate Research, a division of Siemens, hold equity positions.