3DISC, a manufacturer of computed radiography solutions, is planning to debut a line of compact CR scanners.

The FireCR Medical CR Scanners which will be unveiled include 80 CR Scanner for hospitals, back-up units, and private clinics, 60 CR Scanner for private clinics and high-volume practices, 40 CR Scanner for mid-volume practices and 20 CR Scanner for lower-volume practices

3DISC said that the FireCR Medical Scanners can be quickly upgraded to higher speeds with a simple smart card update, giving users flexibility to start with an entry-level scanner and increase productivity as their needs change.

The compact FireCR is designed at just 5 inches deep and 65 pounds to fit even in the smallest x-ray rooms with a wall-mount option for facilities with limited space availability.

The FireCR Medical CR Scanners can be configured for most medical and chiropractic applications and are designed for full DICOM connectivity, allowing users to capture high-quality x-ray images of any body part, 3DISC said.

3DISC Americas CEO Sigrid Smitt-Jeppesen said that customers can select a compact FireCR Scanner that meets their current needs and budgets, and then scale up as imaging volume increases.

"This feature provides maximum flexibility for busy clinics, specialty practices, and satellite facilities and ensures that their technology investment is protected. Importantly, upgrades can be quickly completed in the field without having to replace equipment, ensuring no disruption in workflow," Jeppesen said.