3D Mobile Imaging and AFP Imaging have reported that the NewTom VGi mobile 3D Cone Beam CT scanner is first to operate in the state of Illinois. This adds another mobile operation to an ever growing fleet of independently owned mobile Cone Beam CT units across the country which utilises the NewTom VGi Cone Beam CT.

3D Mobile Imaging provides the practice with a complete package of diagnostic tools including superior images made possible by the NewTom VGi, to the diagnostic equipment needed for sleep apnea or digital impression scanners, 3D Mobile Imaging incorporates the latest technology for dental practices.

Dr David Jarrin of DDS, said: “3D Mobile Imaging of Ottawa, Illinois has brought the benefits of NewTom VGi Cone Beam technology to my office. The quality of the images is by far, the best in the industry. Having this technology at my office has changed the way I treatment plan and place implants.

“The rapidly evolving technologies in dentistry are changing how dentistry is practiced. From diagnosing pathology, delivering care, even how restorations are made, to defining new standards of care, 3D Mobile imaging is the driving force in this new direction and we are excited to be in the middle of it.

“I have been surgically placing and restoring implants for 10 years and won’t do a case today without having the patient scan as part of my full work up. I encourage all dentists who are now placing implants, or for those that have just started or want to start placing implants to embrace this wonderful technology.”